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    G43/45 Chipset Blank Screen


      This issue has been brought up in earlier posts but has never been fully resolved. I reference this post as the best attempt made so far:Black Screen after upgrading to G45/G43 Chipset driver


      I own a Dell XPS One24 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. It has an Intel G43/45 chipset. I recently re-installed my OS after a failed attempt at upgrading to Windows 8 (which does not support the G43/45 chipset much to my surprise). Any driver update made to the chipset results in a blank screen immediately on startup. I can hear the system starting up but can't see anything.


      I currently have the version of the driver installed. I want to roll back the driver to a stable version but can't seem to locate that driver. Actually, what I would like is an updated driver that doesn't disable my display.


      Help please?