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    Problems with i7 2700K


      My PC won't even boot with all cores enabled. I found that it still works with 3. When I enable all four I'm getting a BSOD pointing to 0x0000009C MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION. I cannot even get to safe mode with 4 cores enabled. I tried Linux Live CD to find the same problem. I tested RAM, the hard drive and replaced my graphics card with an old PCI card uninstalling all nVidia drivers leaving just the CPU and motherboard as they were. I also updated the BIOS as far as it went. All 3 values of voltages from the PSU seem to be fine. It's a 1000W platinum rated PSU. The motherboard is ASUS P8P67 Pro. Can someone help me getting to the bottom of this?

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          Make sure you've connected power to the 8-pin connector.  Your power supply will have either one 8-pin cord or (2) 4-pin cords that are keyed and mirror image of each other. If your power supply is the modular type, make sure the internal power cord(s) are fully clicked into place.  Also try flashing up to the latest BIOS and then loading optimized defaults.

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            It is modular indeed. I'll double check all the cords in test with a diferent PSU tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. My BIOS is as up-to-date as it can be for that board. I got hold of an i5 CPU which should rule out either the CPU or the board being at fault.

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              That i5 think didn't work. I thought I can get it but I couldn't. Now the CPU runs only on 2 cores. Ordered a new 3770k