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    Dual Monitors with Core i5-3450s with Intel HD graphics


      I am sure this a very basic question, but I am a techno-dunce.  I want to run dual monitors on my Dell Vostro 270s.  I have the new i5 processor with the Intel HD Graphics.  The pc has a VGA port and an HDMI port. Do I need anything other than two monitors (one VGA and one HDMI) to get the dual monitor setup up and running?


      I tried to call Dell, but got the run around.  Thanks of the help!

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          Hi crawl_away,


          All Intel® processors with Core™ technology meet the requirements to support dual display.  If your system has two ports for output (which you have said it does), then you should have no issue setting up dual display on your system.


          For more information you can view our guide for multiple displays; Graphics — Multiple Displays FAQ


          Keep in mind that even though that the display drivers your OEM provides also count as "intel display drivers" for the purposes of multi-display compatibility.


          Let me know if you run into any issues!