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    High idle CPU temperature??

    Michiel Karssemeijer



      I recently received my NUC and am using it as a HTPC.

      Now I am wondering if the high CPU temps are normal for this device or if there is something wrong with it. My idle CPU temp (as shown in the BIOS) is around 64 deg C with fan set at min RPM of 30 percent. Anything higher and it sounds like a jetliner about to take off. No kidding. During high loads and when the temps reaches higher than 81 deg C the fan ramps up so loud you almost can't hear the TV anymore. Very annoying.


      So how high are everyone else's CPU temperatures?

      Is my device defective or is this normal?


      Thank you,




      Hmm... I am unable to reply to messages... strange..

      Well my NUC has been sitting now IDLE in the BIOS for 30min after being OFF for the entire night.

      Fan is set to minimum 30% (which is +- 2500 RPM), anything higher and I can start to hear the fan.

      CPU is 70 deg Celsius in IDLE !!!

      So either the fan is not attached correctly or the temperature indication / sensor is off / broken..

      I haven't physically checked the fan (yet). only opened the case to install RAM and HDD.


      Should I check myself and possible loose warranty or RMA it back to Intel... or is this normal??