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    Is it really sufficient to remove old thermal paste with a dry cloth?


      Hi, what's the proper way to remove old thermal paste from the CPU? According to this Intel article I should just use an old dry cloth Desktop &mdash; How to apply Thermal Interface Material (TIM), (see step 1) but is that really how to do it? Everywhere I look I see different answers to this..use makeup remover, nail polish remover pads, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, rubbing alcohol and so on, but many of these "experts" also advice against using <product x> because it'll leave some residue behind. So how should I do it?


      I am going to switch the stock cooler with the Corsair H55 and it already has thermal paste applied, so it's only the CPU I have to remove the paste from.

      Also, should I take out the CPU or leave it in the socket?