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    DX58SO does not seem to support GTX 660 TI GPU


      I have been using a DX58SO with Intel I7 CPU for a few years, and I have been happy with the function. However, I recently upgraded my video card to an NVIDIA GTX 660 TI. Model is an MSI N660TI-2GD5/OC.


      When I put this card in, the system no longer boots. The motherboard gives two long beeps (no video card installed). The PSU is sufficient, the additional power cables are installed, and the card is installed correctly with no shorts or contact with anything else. The GPU fan even spins up while it's trying to boot.


      When I go back to my old card (GTX 470), it boots fine. In fact, I am running with that right now.


      I tried the GTX 660 TI in my friend's PC and it works fine. We were even able to run GPUZ and pull the VBIOS (It is a legacy VBIOS - not a hybrid).


      Since the card works, and my setup works, there must be an incompatibility with my setup and the card. I updated the motherboard chipset drivers and BIOS, reset everything to default, and even did a full CMOS reset. Nothing works. It seems the motherboard simply does not support this card.


      Here is a link to the GPU's VBIOS: http://wikisend.com/download/185918/GK104.rom

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          This seems strange, as I just recently did a new Win 7 Pro x64 build with the DX58SO and the ASUS GTX660 TI-DC2-2GD5 card.  I too am running the latest mbd. chipset drivers and the 5599 BIOS.  I am also running the latest Nvidia drivers (ver. 310.70) on the card.  I haven't touched the VBIOS; just running what it shipped with which is 80.04.4B.00.5A according to GPU-Z  Currently I am not over-clocking it.  I know this isn't a solution for you, but my setup is functioning properly.


          Good luck.

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            Very interesting.


            Based on this, I tried my motherboard with a friend's GTX 660 TI - made by Gigabyte rather than MSI. This one WORKED.


            So it doesn't seem to be a compatibility issue between the card's VBIOS. There is something about the MSI card that the motherboard does not get along with.


            I'm going to go back to MSI with this info.

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              I have the same board with the exact same problem.  Same model of MSI card.  I have been unable to get it to post in the DX58SO.  I have however been able to get the card to work in SLI mode with another mfg card, a PNY.  So there is either something wrong with the motherboard's support for this card, or with MSI.  According to the MSI forums, it is an issue with the DX58SO as it is a known problem board.


              Why is it I can get the card to work in SLI as a slave, but I can not get the card to work alone.  Rather frustrated that other cards do work and this one brand will not.  Do we need a bios update to fix this?

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                Ah, vindication!


                If you're talking about the thread I think you are, I started that one the other day with the same problem. I haven't had any issues with the DX58SO, so if it's a 'problem board' it's from the manufacturer's point of view and not mine.


                If this is just an incompatibility, then it is what it is. I'll either get a new card or a new motherboard. It might be time for a full computer upgrade, so I'll have to think about it a bit.


                Thanks for the assistance.

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                  I'm having the same problem with DX58SO, but using a HIS Radeon 7850. Same behavior, only works as a secondary gpu.