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    eSATA question

    Joshua Haws

      I have attached an eSATA Plate Adapter to my machine connected to SATA port 2 of my motherboard. (from amazon StarTech.com Low Profile SATA to eSATA Plate Adapter (ESATAPLT1LP))  The computer is a OptiPlex 990 it has the Intel Q67 rev B2 southbridge. I am running the latest Rapid Store driver "". 


      I am trying to set up this "eSATA" connection as "hot-plugable"  I want to be able to use different eSATA HDD's and have windows recognize that there is a new drive attached.


      I was kind of able to do it with the older Rapid Store driver, but not completely.  In order for the old drive to go away and the new drive to pop up when I physically unplugged one drive and added another, I would have to go to the device manager and scan for hardware changes.  This would refresh the drive an enable access to the new drive. 

      But with upgrading to the driver this ability is now gone. 


      Is there a driver or some other kind of configuration that I can add that will enable the connection to act like a USB external drive and show that the drive is attached and will enable me to remove and add other drives at will?  I have searched for a while to try to find some information about this but have not found anything that tells me that this will not work as I have outlined.


      Thank you for your time and input.