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    MFSYS25 upgrade firmware from 2.4 to 6.10




      I have an MFSYS25 that is at firmware 2.4 currently (specifically I'd like to update it to the latest firmware - 6.10.


      Everything higher than 3.0 requires firmware 2.7 or higher, and 2.7 requires "P2.3.1, P2.3.5, or P2.6". The only firmware available from that list on the firmware download site is 2.3.1 or 2.3.5. 2.6 does not appear to be available, but according to the 6.10 Decoder Matrix it doesn't support upgrades from 2.4 either. In fact, 2.4 doesn't appear to exist at all... I guess it's been deprecated and nothing I do will be "supported"?

      Should I continue to upgrade to 2.7 anyways, or should I downgrade to 2.3.5 first (if this is even possible)?