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    Speaker Fill Missing; Surround Setting Reset


      NUC is connected via HDMI to a 5.1 Sony receiver (which is in turn connected to an HDTV).  The following two bugs/issues have been detected with the Intel HDMI audio drivers/configuration in the NUC:


      1)  If you go to: Playback Devices-> Intel HDMI Audio -> Enchancements (Tab)... there is no checkbox/option for "Speaker Fill".  I had previously used an ATI HD Radeon 4600 with the same Win7Pro OS, and this option (along with many other Enhancement options, such as "Loudness Equalization") was available (the card used Realtek HDMI audio drivers).  Speaker Fill is an essential feature for us using the NUC as a HTPC, as it allows 2 channel audio (e.g. MP3's from iTunes, etc.) to expand to all channels and provide depth/ambiance. Sound does properly funnel into the designated speakers for digital (e.g. dolby, DTS) content and my receiver detects/decodes it as such, but everything else (analog audio source) only outputs to the two channels because of the lack of the Speaker Fill option.  Upon reading, the HDMI controller/chipset in the NUC is fully capable of supporting speaker fill and all the other enhancements, but the drivers for HDMI seem to not support it (or there's something larger going on here that I'm missing).  Could somebody please comment on this?


      2) If you go to: Playback Devices-> Intel HDMI Audio ->Configure... you get to the speaker setup options.  I have mine set to 5.1, yet despite saving this speaker setup, whenever the machine reboots or comes out of hibernation, or if my receiver/TV is turned off/on... the system always reverts back to 2 channel audio and I have to manually go back into the above options and force it back to 5.1.  Again,  In my previous machine (using an ATI HD Radeon 4600 via HDMI out and same Win7Pro OS), the audio options "took" and never had to be manually changed.  Again, this seems like a driver/communication issue with the Intel HDMI audio drivers - could somebody comment on this?

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          Would you please provide more information like the NUC model, operating system (Service Pack), BIOS and audio driver version?

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            NUC model: DC3217IYE

            OS: Windows 7 Pro x64, SP1

            Bios: v0032 (11/27/2012)

            Audio Driver version: The audio driver is installed alongside the Intel HD Graphics Driver as "Intel Display Audio Driver" (since it's audio out via HDMI) - that graphics software package (with the embedded Intel Display Audio Driver) is version (11/6/2012)

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              You may want to try uninstalling the graphics driver and then use this version:



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                We are trying to reproduce the issue you reported where setting for 5.1 does not stick. Can you provide the following information:


                - model of the 5.1 Sony device you have

                - model of the HDTV you have

                - what is your speaker configuration



                Lois H.


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                  - 5.1 Sony HDMI/Audio Receiver: HT-SS360

                  - TV connected to Receiver:KDL-46EX711

                  - Speaker configuration: 5.1 channels


                  ... Whenever I come out of hibernation or reboot, an HDMI sync occurs with my receiver once windows has booted, but it defaults to 2 channels instead of retaining the 5.1 channel configuration (I have to go into the configuration and set it back to 5.1 each time).

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                    I now see the Intel HD Graphics drivers v (that you posted above) listed on the NUC driver page with a date of 1/7/2013 - it looks like they moved the driver you referenced into the NUC's official driver page.


                    I tried updating to the drivers above, but without luck - speaker fill and all the other standard enhancements available to other HDMI audio manufacturers (e.g. Realtek / ATI) are still lacking from the drop-down list.  I also updated to the latest BIOS (v 0036) dated 12/13/2012, but that didn't help either.

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                      Hi -


                      I'm still working to track down whether or not the driver supports Speaker Fill.  In regards to the problem where setting to 5.1 audio does not stick - I was not able to reproduce that here on a 5.1 setup.  Configuring and saving for 5.1 'sticks' after rebooting and power cycling the system. I didn't have the same model setup as you however. Do you have access to any other 5.1 system anywhere that you could plug your NUC into and see what happens?



                      Lois H.


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                        Sadly, that's the only receiver I have.  Another point could be that the receiver goes from off to on after reboot.  Could you try this as well to see if the setting doesn't stick after power cycling the TV/receiver?


                        I/o specs for the Intel boards and HDMI chip set says it would support speaker fill, but as you've noted, I'm not sure whether Intel implemented this functionality in the driver package.

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                          We actually did try all permutations of reboots, restarts, etc., so have covered the scenario you describe.  I just found something interesting though on Sony's website at http://www.docs.sony.com/release/KDL32EX700_qs.pdf.  The back panel diagram shows two HDMI ports, one marked "ARC". And then on http://esupport.sony.com/docs/imanual/NA/EN/3a-03/asystem_uc.html, there's a note about these:


                          • When connecting a digital audio system that is compatible with “Control for HDMI” (“BRAVIA” Sync) and Audio Return Channel (ARC) technology, connect to HDMI IN 1 with an HDMI cable. If connecting a system that is incompatible with “Control for HDMI” or Audio Return Channel, an additional audio connection via DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) is necessary.


                          Have you tried both ports? Does it make a difference in the 5.1 audio detection?



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                            The receiver supports control for HDMI and doesn't require a separate return audio channel and so its plugged into the HDMI 1 ARC port on the TV.  I've tried a different Hdmi tv port just to test but the result is the same in it defaulting to 2 channel and having to manually select it on boot.


                            I've confirmed that the precise timing when the 5.1 signal and it sets back to 2 channel is once the windows login screen comes up.  When I set the speaker config to 5.1, I can see on my receiver it indicating 5.1 channels (it says this in text)... the 5.1 text stays on the receiver during the shutdown, during the BIOS posting, and during the loading windows 7 logo... but as soon as it gets to the login screen, the receiver texts switches back to 2 channels (then I have to go back in and change it to 5.1).  One correction to my above observations - when the system is fully hibernated, it will stay on 5.1 channel from resuming through being back into windows... so it seems like the issue is specific to a fresh windows boot when all the drivers are being fully loaded for the first time. I wonder if there's a script that can simply change the speaker setup after boot to a specified speaker setup (a sort of override).

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                              Another quick question: when you updated the graphics driver to version, did you first go into Control Panel to uninstall the previous version  If not, please do so. I did notice some odd detection problems when I moved my NUC from one HDMI to another and after uninstalling completely and reinstalling the driver, then the monitor was properly detected.

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                                Yes, I fully uninstalled the old drivers, rebooted, installed the new drivers, then rebooted.

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                                  Hi again,


                                  Can you tell me about your cabling configuration?  Are you using a straight HDMI cable (no adapaters or extenders)?  And what type of HDMi cable are you using?


                                  See the info on cables at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI#Cables.



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                                    Two straight HDMI cables are used - these cables (HDMI 1.4 compliant) in specific:



                                    While the cables support HDMI 1.4, my receiver is 1.3a compliant (so no 3D).  One of the HDMI cables feeds from the NUC to the HDMI-IN "Sat" port on the receiver (there's no port labelled "PC" on the receiver, so I just chose the port labelled "Sat" whimsically), and then one HDMI cable feeds from the HDMI-OUT port to the HDMI 1 - ARC port on the TV.  As per your suggestion, I've also tried connecting from the receiver's HDMI-OUT to an alternate HDMI port on the TV (e.g. HDMI-4), but this didn't make a difference; whenever I fully shut-down or reboot the machine, as soon as it gets past the windows loading/logo screen and enters the login screen, the receiver changes from the last audio configuration setting (5.1) to stereo... which is reflected when I go back to the speaker config setup.


                                    Any luck in chasing down the driver capabilities for speaker-fill?  It's a little odd to me that the "enhancements" options within the sound properties panel for the Intel HDMI Audio is lacking all the features other graphics video/audio cards have (see attached picture from my last PC with an ATI Radeon 4600 / Realtek chipset):image.jpeg

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