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    Advanced-N 6235 Limited Connectivity




      I have a Samsung ATIV XE700T1C-A02US Tablet with a built in Intel WLAN+BT 6235ANHMW wireless adapter.  I am running Windows 8 on this tablet and everything is manufacturer/OEM installed.  I work for Disney which provides wireless access to employees via an unsecured wifi network which launches a login page upon connecting and opening Internet Explorer.  There are advanced connection options that allow me to register the device's MAC address so I can bypass the login page.  When connecting to this network it displays "Limited" in the network selection screen.  The login page does not populate when I open IE as it does with my phones (1 Android, 1 Windows Phone) or my old personal laptop.  Logging the MAC address in to the network does not appear to work, either.  I can not assume it is my company Wifi as everyone around me connects just fine and so do I on other devices.  I tried our I.T. department anyways and they identified no issues.  Last night I stayed at a hotel that offers a similar WIFI setup which requires you access their network then go through a login page.  It again showed "Limited" and would not connect.


      I connect via WIFI easily at home, friends homes, etc.  I have made my home network unsecured and it worked just fine.  Thousands of people use my companies network and I've never heard of a similar issue and I.T. was stumped.  I have updated to the most recent drivers with no luck.  Can you please advise?


      Thank you,