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    Is the i7 3820 compatible with 1866+ Ram


      I plan on upgrading my computer by getting the new Core i7 3820 CPU and I was going to get the Corsair X79 Memory Dominator 16GB DDR3 1866 MHz to go with it. But when I did some search I found that the i7 3820 doesn't seem to support 1866 speed ram, is this the case? Will if this work if I got this processor with the ram I want?


      I'm not sure but I also heard that with the most updated BIOS, the CPU will work with high speed Ram, can someone confirm this to be true or not? Also that even if it works that the Ram's speed will be clocked down to 1600 mhz, is this the case?


      I hope someone can help me as this is going to be an important machine.