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    Intel HD4000 drivers causing system freeze

    Mandar Palshikar

      Guys... Yesterday I changeg my mobo from maximus v gene to formula. Here is what happened and whats the problem -


      1. When I installed Windows 8, PC hangs at the first startup iteslf. There is no display on monitor and keyboard+mouse are freezed. I tried to get into Safe Mode but it can not saying "installation can not continue into safe mode".

      2. After much tries found out that my gfx cards (2 x HD7950) might have been the causes so installed windows 8 once again using on-board gfx only. Now windows got installed properly but still I'm unable to get into it if I plug in my gfx cards. I can go into safe mode though.

      3. I gave up and installed Windows 7. It got installed perfectly but the issue is with onboard gfx now .... The dive manager shows Intel HD grapgics with a warning icon and description as "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)". I installed latest AMD drivers and played some games as well. But shall I be worried ? As whenever I try to install Intel HD drivers my machine hangs and I'm also unable to install windows 8 pro. Is the mobo faluty or what is causing this issue with HD7950 drivers & Intel drivers? Please help.


      My PC configuration is -


      CPU + Mobo :: Core i5 3570K + Asus Maximus V Formula

      CPU Cooler :: CM Hyper 212 Evo - 2 Fans

      GFX :: Asus HD7950 Direct CUII + Sapphire HD7950 Dual-X

      RAM :: GSkill TridentX 2400 CL10 16GB

      Storage :: Corsair SSD - 60GB + Seagate Baracuda - 1TB

      PSU :: Corsair AX 850

      Cabinet :: Silverstone Raven RV03

      Keyboard + Mouse :: Razer Arctosa + Razer DeathAdder

      Display :: AOC e2352Phz

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          Hi Mandar Palshikar


          If you are using a PCI Express video card then it is not necessary to install the Intel graphics drivers.


          The motherboard should automatically disable onboard graphics as soon as it detects a PCI Express video card.



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            Mandar Palshikar

            Yes Fred... I also thought that the on-board graphics would be disabled automatically but it was not getting disabled in my case and thats what was causing Windows 8 Pro installation to fail and then driver conflict if I installed Windows 7. See this picture below -




            I was able to solve this problem with the below tricks. -


            1. I uninstalled all both Intel & AMD drivers with driver fusion in windows safe mode and shut down the pc.

            2. Popped out i5 3570k from mobo and re-fitted it once again so as to negate any socket issues. Did CMOS reset. But this did not worked and the problem was reproduced.

            3. Popped out i5 3570k and this time popped in a spare i3 2100 I had with me. Did CMOS reset and installed windows 8. It got installed perfectly. Then I tried installing Windows 7 and that also got installed perfectly.

            4. Now I popped in i5 3570k again. Did CMOS reset and tried to install Windows 8 Pro. And yes this time all worked perfectly. I now could install all the drivers and stuff.

            5. PC is running stable now


            Luckily I had a spare LGA1155 proccy lying around me... this would not be everybody's case.  I really wonder how the above trick worked. Can you please throw any light on this going by your technical expertise ?


            It would be great for my knowledge if you could explain to me the mechanism by which motherboard would disable the on-board graphics. My understanding was that the Z77 chipset on my motherboard would have these instructions sets and not the motherboard itself.