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    MOBO DZ68ZV won't start, Anyone having same P.O.S.T. and or BIOS problems?


      System was working fine for months after I figured out video card broblem and updated bios. One morning tried to power on and nothing happened.

      I see lights on MOBO but no P.O.S.T. when power switch is pushed.

      Did the trouble shooting with removing cards and memory. no change

      Replaced power supply still the same. Did the trouble shooting again with removing cards and memory. no change

      Removed MOBO from case and did bench top test with only processor and video card. no change

      Removed CMOS battery to restore bios. no change

      Only function which works is a power down of the supply if power switch is held for seconds


      I have built every computer I have ever owned and never had problem like this

      Any suggestions from the community to figure this one out???