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    RST from to, weird detection.


      Hi all,

      today i tryed to upgrade the ACHI controller of my pc from old 2011 driver to last one, after deinstalled old RST to default ACHI 1.0 win 7 default an dinstalled the new RST, my 2 SATA HDD and DVDrom now appear as SCSI devices:



      HDD 1 ----- ST5xxxxxxxxxx

      HDD 2 ----- ST1xxxxxxxxxx

      DVD/CD-ROM ----- Asus DRW-xxxxx



      HDD 1 ----- ATA ST5xxxxxxxxxx SCSI Disk Drive

      HDD 2 ----- ATA ST1xxxxxxxxxx SCSI Disk Drive

      DVD/CD-ROM ----- Asus DRW-xxxxx SCSI Cdrom Drive


      What's wrong? Maybe a bug? I don't have scsi or raid in my pc, bios was the same as before, just achi nothing more. also i noticed that iastor.sys was replaced by iastorF.sys


      My system work fine thought. Is better that i stay with the old one or is not an issue even if the devices dection is bad?


      cpu: i7 2600K LGA 1155

      m/b: Asus P8P67 sandy bridge (P67 intel chipset), LGA 1155.



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          Same problem here on my laptop.

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            Hi kdchan and medo3000


            if your computer was working fine with the previous version of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Software then it is not necessary to update it.


            We always recommend using the drivers the motherboard/computer manufacturer provides. Those are drivers have been tested by them and they have determined those drivers work fine in that specific system.



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              Hi thanks for the reply, i see your point, however aren't newest drivers better? I mean, reading the txt there are a lot of bug and crash fixes compared to the old ones (i experienced some random crashes during my online sessions with old drivers but none atm with these new ones).

              Is this ok anyway?


              Seems more a visual error than a true bug (infact Crystaldisk Info utility show my drives correct as Serial ATA devices), but will be appreciated if you can fix this issue with the next RST release.


              Thanks again.


              cpu: i7 2600k sandy bridge (socket 1155)

              m/b: Asus P8P67 revision 3.1 (socket 1155)

              HDD: Seagate ST500 (sata), Seagate ST1000 (sata)

              DVD-RW: Asus DRW-24B5ST (sata)

              OS: Windows 7 Sp1