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    DZ77RE-75K won't work!


      hey, a week ago I put my computer in a sleep mode, the computer went to sleep and then start again immediately and screen was black. no picture!

      I shut down the computer and then try to start again and nothing happened. the fan start working fast and still got blank screen.

      I've read on the technical support of this motherboard and notice that there is 10 test leds on the board, led number 2 start with red light and he show "cpu hot".

      everything connect just right! I took of the memory, fans, all connections and everything but still got the red led of cpu hot.


      NO BEEPS sound from the board!


      I tried everything with no luck!

      I have this board for less then a month!



      CPU: I7-3770k

      Memory: Gskill 8 GB 1600


      what is the problem???


      thanks! Shlomi