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    Overheat problem with i7-2630QM

    Andras Tim



      I have a reproducible overheating problem width the next machine: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/21659186/asus-n53sn.html



      When I do continuous CPU load, the CPU reached the 95°C and CoreTemp 3th party utility stop my machine (and saves it, because Tj.Max is 100°C of my CPU).


      I try to find out the origination of problem. The TurboBoost works bad:

      • TurboBoost 2,8GHz @ starts of heavy load
      • TurboBoost 2,6GHz until 95°C ...

      Several months before (in my opinion before the last Intel INF updates)

      • TurboBoost 2,8GHz @ starts of heavy load
      • TurboBoost 2,6GHz ... 2,4GHz until temperature is bellow 85°C
      • If it is impossible, the CPU turns off the TurboBoost, and then it can hold under 85°C


      If I turn off the TurboBoost, the system works great without overheating.


      The hardware looks good, cooler system works same than before, and the temperatures are same than before in different situations (without TurboBoost).



      It can easy reproduce. You must run a single threaded, heavy load generator. (e.g. Minecraft - game)



      Thank you for your help!


      Best regards,

      Andras Tim