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    D2700MUD,  D2700DC  Windows 7 64 Bit Drivers



      I would like to build a HTPC based on one of the above MB's therer does not seem to be any Video/Graphics Windows 7 ^$ bit drives.

      Does this mean these boards don't supprt Windows 7 64 bit or will the 32 bit drives work?

      Many thanks

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          Hello IMK, In regards to your inquire, these motherboards currently do not support 64-bit operating systems. This is why no 64-bit drivers are available, the drivers that you see are drivers that also work on other motherboards, but the video driver needs to be specific to your chipset.


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            Ivan Wong

            I want 64-bit Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600/3650 (Intel GMA 3600/3650) driver too

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              Jaska Kivelä

              Hello Victor.


              I am currently typing this message from a 64-bit Windows 7 running on a D2700DC, so I think you might have been a bit mislead there. I would like to see graphics drivers as well. Thank you.



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                Fernando Eduardo Lourenço

                I installed also, but the only standard drive provides low resolution.


                You get 1920x1080?


                Previous series motherboards have video drivers for the 64bit version.

                Who purchased the product did not expect this.

                I have 10 motherboards that do not meet my purpose.

                The scenario worsens who acquired the license for windows 64bit.

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                  steve vardy

                  Likewise, I purchased the D2700DC to run Win7 64bit - there was nowhere on the intel site/brochures that I could see that alerted me to the fact that the M/B doesn't support 64bit O/S's -

                  Now when you say it doesn't support 64 bit O/S's - did you really mean only 64 bit graphics?  After all, like Fernando, I am currently running Win7 64bit - seems to be doing what it is suppossed to but yet to try and install other products (Office etc)

                  Also. you didn't address the OPs question regarding whether the Win7 32 bit GMA software will work - would/does it?

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                    Fernando Eduardo Lourenço

                    I installed the 64bit operating system. The problem was with the driver intel accelerated graphics that do not have a version para64bits. The result is u my monitor supports a resolution of 1920x1080 and 1024x768 only could be displayed with the standard vga drive system.

                    I installed the 64bit browser and I do not remember doing the installation office.

                    Working on this low resolution would not solve my problem.

                    Had opted for the 64bit version just to make full use of the 4GB of RAM. With the 32bit version of the operating system it uses only 3.1 GB. I honestly do not know what is done the rest of this memory, if it is allocated for another purpose.

                    I am creating a template to make use of the embedded windows and all my work so far with attempts to use the 64bit version were in vain.



                    Although the product is discontinued (d2700dc), the intel, I think, could still provide the driver version graph in respect to clients who trust in the brand and acquired the plate to fulfill the purposes set out previously.



                    I have another plate d2500mw and it has drivers for both versions of the operating system. So the strange fact came across this problem.



                    Honestly, I did not expect for this.



                    Would that Intel give a definitive position on this issue that seems to drag from the first contact that consumers have with the motherboard.

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                      This motherboard was not designed to work with 64-bit operating systems, they will install but as far as I know, there are no plans on developing drivers for 64-bit operating systems.


                      I will forward your messages to the engineering department so that are taken in to consideration.



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                        Fernando Eduardo Lourenço

                        On the product page does not have that information. Rather, it suggests that yes was specified for 64bit systems:



                        See description:





                        End of Life

                        Launch Date



                        2.5 GT/s

                        Processor Number


                        # of Cores


                        # of Threads


                        Clock Speed

                        2.13 GHz

                        L2 Cache

                        1 MB

                        Instruction Set




                        It uses the same chipset NM10 gerção the previous (Example a d525mw), this was developed for the GMA drive for windows 64.



                        What is not understood is that a new product, a company that has strong appeal for innovation and technology, not even achieve the same features of the previous generation.



                        In no time this information was published or that intention. Before making my investments look to see all the documentation, this seems to be the profile of those working in the area.



                        For me it is a big surprise (unpleasant). For many of us were confident and we are treated as unsuspecting.

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                          Ivan Wong

                          Everything work well in 64-bit Windows 7, except... missing the correct GMA 3650 driver. If Intel engineer can work on it, I think many people will appericate it

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                            Plus 1. Or release the code. Somebody will adjust it in couple of evenings.

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                              I guess Intel simply doesn't care about their GMA Drivers. You may have noticed that even "mature" 32bit drivers with obvious bugs do not receive updates. It might even be that the drivers are developed elsewhere. After all, the GMA 36xx series is based on the PowerVR SGX545, which Intel simply licensed.


                              Without official support from Intel, one might try inofficial measures. Especially since there has been a report that the D2700DC supports 8GB RAM. Have a look here: mini-itx.com - store - Intel D2700DC Fanless Dual Core Atom Mini-ITX Board - this is under Unbunto, though.


                              So, if you prepared to follow the inoffical path, you might ask Google about the GFX_Vista_Win7_64_8.15.8.1050_Beta5.exe - which I have not yet tested, but other source claim that it works.

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                                Thanks klaws,

                                Have been using DN2800MT with Win7 64 bit and 8 GB memory for several months now. Everything else seems to work pretty well except graphics. Tried GFX_Vista_Win7_64_8.15.8.1050_Beta5. No charm. Blue screen after restart. Have given up with graphics acceleration. Just hope to find a driver that gives better choice of screen resolutions than generic VGA from 2006!

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                                  I did a quick check yesterday, on a brand new D2700DC board with a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit. I installed the GFX_Vista_Win7_64_8.15.8.1050_Beta5 driver and after the reboot, the desktop appeared in the native resolution of the display (something like 1680x1080, I think), with Aero enabled. I also ran the Windows Performance Index test, which gave a total score of 3.4 (and 5.something for the Aero relevant graphics performance,,,which translated to "really sucks" in real life). No service packs, no windows updates, no other drivers, as I was going for a 32 bit install anyway (I installed the 64 bit version just to test the driver and removed it immediately after).


                                  BTW, if all you need is more than 3.2GB of RAM, you could try to install a 32 bit Windows Server edition. Windows Server inludes PAE and can therefore access 64GB of RAM (although some editions are artificially limited by Microsoft). Actually, also the 32 bit Windows workstation editions since Windows XP SP2 contain PAE, it's just disabled (as Microsoft claims because some 32 bit drivers are badly written and cannot cope with more than 4GB of RAM...).


                                  If you read our Windows license agreement, you know that it's forbidden to circumvent "technical limitations" built into the OS. The author of the Saferbytes x86 memory bootkit apparently didn't care:


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                                    klaws, your success with GFX_Vista_Win7_64_8.15.8.1050_Beta5 driver is intriguing. So, I gave it one more chance. D2700 and N2800 are not very different processors anyways. It says it installed properly but gives a blue screen at startup:


                                    Back on square one I guess.

                                    Indeed, I can live with 32 bit Win. I just don't like to give up on 64 bit yet.

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