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    AMT not getting enabled in Intel Silver Cascade

      Hello ,

          I am currently facing some issues in trying to get AMT up and running on the Intel Silver Cascade CRB which we have

      obtained.I have created an combined image with images obtained from the iAMT_ASF2_TPM_4.0.12.1147 package by following

      the instruction detailed out in the OEM deployment guide. With this image, the board is booting without any issues along

      with integrated LAN up and running. I have enabled the AMT support in the BIOS but due to some reason I am not getting

      the MEBX message to enter the MEBX setup menu. I even tried the standard images received with the CRB, but still not

      able to get the ME up and running, Can anyone give me some pointers as to where I might be going wrong ? Also is it

      necessary for the iTPM to be enabled to have the AMT running ?

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                Dell Server

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                • device to phone i.e. making and receiving calls from SIP or h323 terminals (bidirectional NAT support), full compatibility with all popular brands of soho gateways and IP phones, support for 5 class services, voicemail, waiting message indicator feature, actual balance information on phone's display and more.


                • DIDs/Virtual phone numbers services – assigning phone numbers from various geographical regions to SIP or h323 devices or softphones. Customers can pick up a phone number directly from the web interface with immediate delivery. The system can work with leading DIDs provider thru their API or/and using own DIDs numbers stored in the local database.


                • Class 5 services – call waiting, call forwarding, follow me – possibility to set forwarding rules conditioned on various events like busy, no answer, not logged with different forwarding destinations/phone numbers (possibility to set multiple numbers with different priorities), hold, hold with conversation


                • Voicemail – checking voice messages by calling predefined voicemail number from softphone or SIP/h323 device or from PSTN thru the IVR system (calling cards) or using the callback service. Detailed information about left messages on the web interface. Possibility to record own welcome prompt. Email notification about new voice messages


                • Callback services – triggered by SMS, Web or a missed call. Works with DIDs as an access numbers. Authentication by callerID (ANI) or PIN. Also supported DID callback with unique DID associated with each customer and his/her phone number. Manageable thru the web interface, possibility to add multiple ANIs per user. Multilingual Interactive Voice Response system (IVR). More on the callback and its variants here


                • Calling cards – phone to phone services in which a customer dials an access number first, then he or she is asked about PIN (or authenticated by callerID/ANI) and then prompted for a destination phone number. The system comes with own IP based IVR system that supports several languages (possibility to add new), balance announcement, max duration for the call announcement, also it allows to recharge account by PIN and register actual ANI during the call and more. There are several scenarios which can be associated with particular access numbers. Moreover new scenarios can be added or the existing ones be modified by softswitch's administrator as they are programmed in xml format. More on the IP IVR can be found here


                • CallShops – by callshop is understood a place like internet café or a shop where are cabins/booths with IP phones from which customers can make calls and then pay for them at a cash desk. The callshop is a windows based application which shows all the cabins and the calls that are taking place. When a customer has finished, the cashier can see the made calls with their details and costs and can charge the customer. The application also allows to print bills. The advantage of this solution is that the callshop application does not require any special hardware as the calls are not sent thru it, instead they go directly to SoftSwitch (thru the internet connection) and the callshop program exchanges with SoftSwitch only little data needed for billing purposes. Also as the clients can be used softphones installed on PCs or FXS gateways with analogue phones connected, not necessarily IP phones.




                Wholesale services:


                • Wholesale termination – bulk voice traffic termination, in this scenario Sofswitch acts as the traffic controller which on one side collects calls from clients gateways or other equipment, authenticate them, and then depending on the routing tables send the traffic further to termination gateways/gatekeepers. The whole traffic is billed and controlled in real time, the billing supports both prepaid and post-paid accounts types. Also the media (voice) flow can be set per destination and be sent in full proxy mode where all packets are going through the switch or in the modes where only signalization is sent through the system while the media goes directly between endpoints. The system allows to hide the source and the destination what is often important especially if you work as a broker buying and selling traffic from various parties. Additionally the system offers high flexibility in modifying calls setup, called numbers, enables you to manipulate prefixes, caller IDs and all other significant data before sending calls to the destination. There is also a web interface both for clients and terminators with CDRs (which can be exported to file) and other reports. More on the softswitch's functionality here.



                For more information contact


                Email: buyownswitch@gmail.com

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