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    Intel HD 3000 Not detected in device manager, Only Nvidia


      I've recently transitioned to Windows 8 and am pleasantly surprised with its "user friendliness" and fast start up times compared to Windows 7.


      My only problem is making the machine detect the integrated graphics on this laptop.



      CPU - i5-2450M

      GPU - GT640M

      Laptop Model - Asus K43S


      There are no problems in using it on a day to day basis since I think the Nvidia takes the graphics workload. My only issue is its battery consumption. Maybe if "I" have control over the integrated graphics, it might get better hopefully.


      I would appreciate and help or feedback regarding this.


      I've tried installing Intel's drivers downloadable here and Asus's as well. It always says Hardware does not meet minimum requirements.


      I've contacted Asus Philippines (My country) but they would not help me with software since I purchased the laptop without an operating system (Much much cheaper here in the Philippines) I put a legitimate Windows 8 Pro given by my school so theres no hack/hacks I would want to do.



      Thank you very much for those who look or give their feedback. I would really appreciate it. Happy New Year too!