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    My Laptop doesn't "wake up" afer sleep




      A few days ago, I have installed a Intel SSD 330 series (180GB) drive on my laptop. My laptop is a Hp dv2650es,5 years old. The only change with the original device is that I have 4Gb of RAM


      All was fine with the SSD, the laptop works so fast...but when I put the system to sleep mode, then it doesn't wake up.. The systems goes locked and appears an BSOD


      I suposse that the issue is related to the SSD because it doesn't appear with my HDD. It happens with Windows 8 Pro and with Windows 7 Ultimate (both x64). Now I'm running a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 because I though that the issue could be related to Windows 8.


      I have installed the Intel SSD Tool, I checked the drive and is correct. I ran the Optimization tool and all it's optimized...



      I have been searching about this, about prefetch and superfetch in SSD Drives..., IDE vs AHCI mode...but I don't find a solution and I don't solve the problem, maybe because I don't understand some concepts.


      I would like if somebody can help me with what tests I have to do to check if all is correct ...or what settings are need wth the SSD drive..


      The Hibernate mode runs correctly.


      I was so happy with my SSD Drive but when I discovered the sleep issue I became angry...


      I will be very grateful with any help.


      Thank you so much