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    P67 rev. B2 and Management Engine 8

    Mairin Kroes

      Hi all,


      Last week I decided to flash the bios of my P67 motherboard in order for it to support Ivy Bridge 22nm processors. I did however notice that I could not overclock my new 3770K past the default turbo boost (max of 39 multiplier) and set XMP profiles higher than [XMP - 1600MHz] while I have RAM rated at 2000MHz. After doing some research I came to the conclusion that this problem is caused by a conflict of the ME 8 FW and drivers, and my motherboard revision, which is rev B2 -- The setup application throws an error with the message: "Your system does not meet the recommended requirements".


      Now my question is: How do I install the needed MEI FW and Drivers needed to be able to overclock my 3770K?


      Thanks for reading,