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    Possible to scale image from a "Intel(R) HD Graphics" card?


      I have a new gateway sx2865-ur308 computer.  My problem is with the graphics card. 



      Card info:

      Type: "Intel(R) HD Graphics" (from the "Generic PnPMonitor and Inteo(R) Graphics Properties" window)

      Chip type: "Intel(R) HD Graphics Family"

      DAC TYpe: Internal

      Adapter String: "Intel(R) HD Graphics"

      Bios Information: "Intel Video Bios"


      All of these properties seem generic but that is the only info I can find

      Driver info: DFX64.exe version



      I have connected the computer to a large screen TV via the HDMI port and am using a resolution of 1920 X 1020.  My


      problem is that the displayed image is a little bit larger than the screen.  Only about half of the task bar at


      the bottom of the screen is visible.  The other three sides are similarly beyond the bounds of the screen.  I do


      not believe that this is a resolution issue. 


      I am aware that nvidia drivers allow the user to scale the image to correct for this problem. Does this intel


      driver have an equivalent capability?  If so how do I do that?