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    HD4000: White dots around...


      (Sorry for my poor English.)

      At first, it should be noted that this is not due to overheating or overclocking, tested in different ways.

      Playing some games on the HD4000, i see a lot of the annoying white dots on the screen (a "clone" computer - but nvidia video - has no such effect).

      Searching the forums has shown that this is related to the processing of shadows, transparent textures or alpha textures, or merging the edges of certain textures (and so on) by video driver.

      I see a lot of such linear or random white dots in Metro 2033 (anywhere), GTA IV (linear оn textures edges and random on vegetation textures), STALKER (in shadows), I can make screenshots if necessary .

      HD4000' performance (especially overclocked) would be enough for many purposes, if not for those pesky artifacts... Is this a driver bug?


      Thanks for the clarification.

      HD4000 (i7-3770k) + v. 2897 driver (and 2885, and earlier), H100, Asus MVG, GSkill 16 Gb, SSDs RAID, Dell 1920x1080, Win7u x64 SP1.