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    Graphics Control Panel forcing "Display Power Saving Technology"


      I have an Acer Timeline 5810T laptop running Windows Vista 64 with an Intel Core 2 Solo U3500 and 8GB RAM, Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family.  I recently downloaded the new Intel graphics driver,, which came with a new Graphics and Media Control Panel program.   Under the "power" > "power features" there is an option to select "Display Power Saving Technology".  To the best I can tell, this washes out the colors.  People's faces, in particular, look badly airbrushed.  I do not like the look of it.


      I have turned this option off several times, but every time I reconnect the power cord, then disconnect, it reselects (forces) the option.  I cannot turn it off.  Any idea how to fix this?  I have the feeling it will not let me revert to an older driver that did not cause this problem.