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    Intel DX58SO with i7-920 (d0) or W3520



      just a simple question.


      I'm going to buy an Intel DX58SO with an i7-920 (d0) or W3520. My question is if the Intel DX58SO can handle the d0-Stepping out of the box (without any BIOS-Update), so that I'm able to update the BIOS it with the d0-CPU for long-term use. I already checked the Infos given by Intel where nothing is stated precisely. The only hint i recently have is a review about the X5520 connected with the DX58SO.





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          Hi there,


          I was checking on the compatibility website, actually the CPU I7-920 with Core Stepping D0 is not compatible with the motherboard for now.


          I have no idea if it will be compatible in the future by a simple bios update.


          And the latest bios V3504 does not mention anything either.


          Please bear in mind that the board comes with different AA number thus depending on the AA number, it may be born with a different bios version.



          E29331-405 Bios V2127

          E29331-501 Bios V2127


          So always check on the Board Compatibility website as a precaution.











          Kind Regards,


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            Please tell me where anywhere you link to indicates it is NOT compatible? Steppings are not new processors and they have the exact same specs as C0 but I believe that the mb compatibility page for the DX58SO is simply not up to date. If this was a new processor (technically it's not) then there might be compatibility issues.

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              I'm currently wringing my hands over this same issue regarding a new 64bit Win7 build. I have a newly purchased i7-920 D0 stepping processor, but I'm loath to purchase the DX58SO out of fear in landing a board with a BIOS that wont recognize the new D0 CPU microcode. The merchants wont sell you the box according to AA# E30149-xxx (Most recent being: AA# E29331-502 BIOS: SOX5810J.86A.3044). But in order for a i7-920 D0 stepping processor to be recognized by the motherboard, the minimum BIOS needs to be version 3828, and the newer i7 D0 steppings requiring BIOS version 4014.


              What about folks snatching up the newly released i7-950 & i7-975, which are also D0 stepping, wishing to pair them to a DX58SO? You would think that Intel would have issued a part number by which to order a correctly BIOS'd motherboard to match these D0 stepped processors that they are now spitting out, without the need for the consumer to pull the hair out.


              So.....where can we purchase the DX58SO that matches these D0 stepping processors? Where is: AA# E29331-503.

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                Hi there,


                I know it's a little frustrating if you find out that you bought the i7-920 with the D0 stepping and the DX58SO but the board revision is an earlier one and/or there no DX58SO yet with a least the minimum bios version to support the D0 stepping out of the box. The DO steppings will be compatible with these boards provided that they have the minimum bios recommended as you said.


                The DX58SO with the revision 502 are shipped with minimum factory BIOS of 3044. However to-date (nearly after more than a month since this update has been released) there is a greater chance that if you get a DX58SO which has revision 502, you will get with a later BIOS than the 3044, but not the latest bios.


                There is nothing mentioned on the box or wherever to confirm which exact bios version which is on the board when you are buying it. But I think it is possibel to contact you point of purchase before you buy to make sure that you get the DX58SO with at least the revision 502. This can be found on the box itself, hence I dont htink it would not be a problem for the reseller to distinguish it.


                There are loads of people out there with similar issue with the D0 processors and the DX58SO boards. Hope Intel will issue the new board revision soon.



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                  In order to avoid an unnecessary RMA, along with the hassle of installing and pulling a board with BIOS that may or may not recognize a D0 CPU, I've already asked Newegg if they would send me, at least, the latest revision, 502, of the DX58SO, and questioned this compatibility issue. Their response, "Unfortunately, Newegg cannot offer advice on compatibility of items or make any recommendations. Since we are strictly a reseller, we are not in the position to give such advice concerning the compatibility of two items."


                  This certainly is bad for merchants and much worse for Intel, whose segment of customers may wish to pair Intel componants together. The merchants should prepare for a mountain of RMAs, while frustrated Intel customers are driven to seek solutions elsewhere. Im not a gamer, but listening to the advise of members from that community, refer to the Intel board as: 'Only' a reference board. Being a long time Intel customer, my response has always been, "Intel componants are used 'Only' by professionals, while 'Only' children play with that which Intel has spawned."


                  It's really a shame! I've been acquiring componants for the current build since the end of 2008. Now I'm stuck because I can't get the final piece, an Intel motherboard, to properly match an Intel i7 D0 stepping processor.


                  Best Wishes!

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                    I'm really displeased to hear that something of this level of stupidity could happen to a company like Intel. How do you release a CPU that isn't compatible out of the box with your own processors while small time players like EVGA can handle the D0 revision. Like a user above, I also wanted to puchase this mobo and hearing this is just another letdown for me buying this motherboard.


                    There is a good strategy to alleviate this situation, provided your willing to be patient. Order this mobo and if it is the older incompatible BIOS version, immediately RMA the mobo, do this regardless of whether or not it's needed. Eventually, the amount of RMA's will multiply, crippling Intel's staff and creating endlessly complaining customers as things get out of control. I figure at least 30,000 people have purchased this so far, so imagine if Intel got barraged with 10,000 additional RMA's in a month. Eventually, they would have to go back to distributers and exchange those boards for the newer BIOS version. If nothing is done, customers of Intel will continually get screwed seeing as that they don't complain if Intel releases sub-standard motherboards. If anything, Intel will learn that their customer is a luxury and in this economy, it could spell financial death.


                    If you go to Newegg, you'll find the Intel's DX58SO mobo close to the bottom of the slot 1366 pile while companies like Gigabyte and MSI come out guns blazing seeing Gigabyte wilth almost 10 slot 1366 motherboards released while Intel, the creator of the Core i7 processor releasing one paltry board looking like a reference model. If Intel is going to have lack luster releases like this in the future, I think it would be better for Intel to bow out of the motherboard game and focus on things they can do rather than tarnish their image by releasing something that doesn't work, which only asks for trouble.

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                      been using Xeon W3520 + DX58SO(E29331-501) on Windows 7 RC. Fortunately, default bios(2127?) recognized Xeon W3520 and yes, I could update bios to 3504, 3828 and 4014 without problem. (I used IFLASH method.)
                      Keep in mind, DX58SO does not officially support Xeon W series cpu...so, at your own risk if you do it.


                      Hope this help.




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                        Great info Beams, now has anyone had a similar expeience with the Core i7 D0 and the DX58SO BIOS that ironically doesn't support it. Has anyone been able to get a D0 to post long enough to update the BIOS with the latest revision as Beams did with his Xeon W3520???


                        As a bigger argument to all manufacturers of mobo's, I always thought you should have the ability to access the BIOS without anything but a monitor and/or video card plugged in. I could never understand why a CPU and RAM is required to view it as it would make troubleshooting issues like this and more a piece of cake.

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                          Yes Beams certainly does present us with a mystery here!


                          How does Intel explain this booting disparity between a D0 stepped Core i7 and a D0 stepped Xeon W3520; with the unsupported Xeon D0 capable of booting into setup on a DX58SO with an older, default BIOS (SOX5810J.86A.2127.2008.0914.1638), while admonishments are made that the i7-920 D0 'will not' boot on a DX58SO with a BIOS of any version less than 3828 (SOX5810J.86A.3828.2009.0420.1948).


                          Any D0 stepped Core i7 folks on a DX58SO have any experience to the contrary out there? Please step up to the microphone.


                          Best Wishes

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                            We all shouldn't have to play guessing games on this issue here in the forum. With a snafu as large and stupid as this is, you would think Intel would have someone out here in the forum to give the official word about this rather than us speculating. Unfortunately, Intel is not taking this issue seriously and it shows in the quality of what they have released concerning their motherboards.


                            To be fair though, the whole Slot 1366 motherboard market is rife with overpriced, lackluster motherboards. I have been suggesting that most of my customers build Slot 775 instead as it will save them a ton of cash. While the Core i7 processor is a bump up from Core 2 Quad, the price increase on the motherboards is unjustified. I remember building many Slot 775 machines and it was rare if a motherboard cost above $200. With Core i7, motherboards start at $200. On average, Core i7 systems cost $100-150 more to build than similar Slot 775 systems with similar hardware.

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                              To answer the original question, I can confirm that yes you can run the D0 stepping CPU's on the DX58SO out of the box (BIOS 2127), my E29331-501 board worked perfect with the default bios (installed Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64, and ubuntu 8.04 x64 with no problems).  I have since updated the BIOS to the latest version and have still no issues.


                              As a side note, I love this motherboard.  I am currently running my D0 920 @ 3.8GHz (4.19GHz Turbo Mode), at only 1.2V CPU core, using a Zalman CNPS9700 LED CPU Cooler.  It is 100% stable (I have been running 4 Virtual Machines doing Folding@Home 24/7 for the last 3 weeks).


                              I am seriously considering building a 2nd PC with this Motherboard again, but using a W3520 CPU (hopefully higher binned will give me 4.0 GHz stable on air)

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                                As others here, because of the price, I have been gathering the parts a little at a time to Build this DX58SO system. I am down to the CPU and MEMORY. Doing my research I also found that my board with AA-E29331-501 came with the 2127 BIOS. I of course will want to buy the DO stepping I7-920 (SLBEJ)again because of the cost. I am worried about the information in the Compatible Processors Chart indicating that the Minimum BIOS is 3828. It should also be noted that there are only 3 revisions of this board out - E29331-405 BIOS 2127, E29331-501 BIOS 2127 & the latest E29331-502 BIOS 3044. The compatible Processors Chart lists I7-975 and I7-950 processors that have a minimum BIOS version of 4014 which of course is not present on any of the 3 DX58SO boards at shipping. My small company is an Intel Partner Program Member and I am going to call and clarify this problem on Monday 06/22/2009. I will write back with the Intel answer.

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                                  I am an Intel Certified Reseller and got stuck with a DX58S) and an I7-920 d0 CPU.  The first board was defective and Intel dropped me a replacement.  The unit was AA-xxxxx-501 with the 3044 bios.  The unit booted and was the first time I had seen video with my config.  Since the min bios stated on their website for the d0 chip was 3828, I immediately flashed it to 4014.  The flash FAILED and rendered the board DEAD for some damn reason.  I could not even run a recovery bios.  DEAD.  Again, I ran everything by Intel and they drop shipped me another board.  I got another AA-xxxxx-501 and this one will not boot at all...no video.  I am beyond ****** off at Intel for this supply line BS.  I've contacted two of my Intel sales reps and my trouble ticket has been escalated over and over.  In the end, I'm going to eat this stupid board and go with an Asus P6T so I can move this inventory out the door.  The customer has waited long enough for his custom built PC.  This is making me look bad.

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                                    I called the Intel Channel Member Tech Support TWICE yesterday (06/22/09).

                                    First I questioned if the I7-920 SLBEJ (DO) Stepping CPU, would be recognized and allow me to update the BIOS on my AA E29331-501 DX58SO board with the original 2127 BIOS. The tech could NOT say for sure and would only answer it May or May NOT allow you to update the BIOS. The Tech suggested that I get a I7-920 SLBCH (CO) Stepping processor and do the BIOS update and then install the I7-920 SLBEJ (DO) Stepping processor. That is a great solution if I were made of money but I am not and the cost of the I7 systems is still to high for my boss to be keeping the parts of a system in stock waiting for a customer who wants one. We would order next day for an I7 system. We have only built 2 of these so far. I complained to this tech about this problem and asked him to forward the complaint on to someone who cares.

                                    Next I called again and got a different tech and went through the whole thing again with basically the same answer. Then I noted to the tech, that the newest board revision available is the E29331-502 with the 3044 BIOS and that the listed I7-975 Extreme processor indicates that a 4014 BIOS is listed as the Minimum. Again it was suggested that I get a different processor that is compatible with my BIOS and flash the board to the most current BIOS.

                                    In short, I got only May or May NOT work and a few Probably Will Work Statements from the Techs. Also, Intel will not allow me to send in the board and have them update the BIOS. "We are not able to do that." Hell, if Intel can't keep a I7-920 SLBCH on hand for BIOS updates, what makes them think I can?


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                                    I should also mention that the last tech I talked to stated that Revision E29331-503 is out the BIOS is 3435


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