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    Graphics Issues Intel 3000 in World of Tanks & SWTOR? Driver or hardware?


      Well I have been impressed by Intel's GPU But the only gripe I have is it seems to not allow options that would be to most others such in WoT's I can't turn on shadow's or flora for some reason. Also I have problems in swtor when I turned the game on to high textures all the fences would disappear and some images would look blurry unless I would used ctrl + I to hide the interface that would make the game look normal until I returned the user interface using the same buttons. SWTOR runs fine besides these problems and when I increase the textures quality but the games are both free and should be easy to be tested on. The game is free to play and they could easily do some testing on them I believe allot of the problems is the drivers but the gpu runs pretty good I get about 30 fps with high settings and for a cheap GPU in a laptop its pretty amazing I'm surprised Intel does not try to make a move in to the market by opening a division dedicated to graphic cards and GPU's for their boards not to mention the opening in the pads market. As for many people a cheap alternative that can help even out the market considering right now their is only 2 players really but a company who can capture people who does not have allot of money but wants a GPU that simply works and does not cost them a arm and a leg the gpu could also take advantage of intel's cpu technology. Anyways thats just an Idea I'm throwing out their many people Judge this GPU when it might not be that car that can hit 250 MPH but it can get up to 100 at least, you wont notice a difference unless you have robotic eyes or something because 200 fps won't be noticed its only for bragging rights and its not able to be upgraded when new shaders comes out or a new directX. Anyways I'm using an Acer with it built in to the laptop. In some older games like madden 08 I notice shadows on will have make it so that their is 4 shadows of the player, I don't know why this is ether. I'm using W7 X64


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      Message was edited by: Bobby Spicer got the game to show track traces, it had to do with turning on decals.