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    Can Intel SRT (accelerate) + ReadyBoost be enabled concurrently?

    Tom Ngui

      I have a Dell XPS One 2710 Touch which comes with Ivy Bridge 3rd Gen. Intel Core i7-3770S processor, maxed out 16GB RAM (2x 8GB), 1 SATA HDD 2GB Seagate (1TB/platter) and an empty mSATA III SSD slot. Just a day ago, I've added a 240GB mSATA III SSD (Edge Memory - Sandforce SF-2281) and configured Intel SRT/RST to 'Accelerate - Maximized' all allowable 64GB leaving the balance of 170GB partitioned separate from the cache partition. This balance 170GB can be used as a normal drive if I format it. Question is, can I configure 32GB from this space for ReadyBoost to run concurrently with a cached partition on the same mSATA SSD drive? if so, any real benefits having both+ ReadyBoost?