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    Possible memory leak in graphics drivers when creating OpenGL windows


      Hello, I am a software developer and I have noticed an issue when using the Win32 API to create OpenGL windows.  The issue only exists when using a computer with Intel HD 4000 graphics.  (I am using the latest driver,  The issue does not exist when I run the same exact code on other computers with either NVidia or AMD graphics, so I believe it to be an Intel driver issue.


      When I create a Win32 window with an OpenGL context, my memory usage grows, as expected.  However, when I destroy the window, the memory usage does not go back down.


      Since my application can create or destroy many windows, the memory usage eventually gets very large (over 1 GB), due solely to creating and destroying OpenGL windows, and not doing anything else.


      Has anyone else experienced this?  I can privately share software with anyone who would like to test this.