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    Does my SSD really need to be optimized before use??


      Hello everyone,

      I’m brand new to SSD’s, I just purchased the SSD 335 Series 240GB Drive.  I have 2 questions concerning SSD optimization; I saw many articles online for optimizing SSD’s.

      My friend, which owns other SSD’s says that you will encounter “weird problems” if you don’t optimize the SSD.  I actually been running into some random problems with my system booting to a blank screen  and then in the event viewer there’s a critical error ID 41 Kernel-Power.  But I can’t say it’s the SSD since the following components are also brand new: Asus Maximus V Formula motherboard, new Intel i7-3770K CPU, New DDR 16GG memory…

      So here are my questions:

      1. 1. Is it true, will I run into weird problems if I don’t optimize my SSD?
      2. 2. If so which optimization guide do you recommend or optimization steps do you recommend and which ones should I keep away from?


      Thanks for your help!