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    DZ75ML-45 - Watch Dog Fire LED


      We are installing this motherboard with a Core i7 2600K processor. The machine begins the boot cycle, then abruptly stops. The Watch Dog Fire LED lights up and the machine reboots. This continues in a continuous cycle until the power is turned off. We have tried the same processor in two different motherboards (this one and one from MSI) and in both cases the machines will not start. I'm beginning to think the processor is bad - any ideas or suggestions?

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          Please let me know the manufacturer and part number from the memory that you are using along with the power supply wattage. If you are using a graphics card on the system we would recommend removing it for troubleshooting purposes.


          When did the problem first occur? Any system change occurred, such as a BIOS or operating system upgrade, new peripheral device, etc.?