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    DP67BG only posts sporadically

    Kevin Hollingshead

      Hi- My DP67BG will work fine once it boots, but it only boots about one time in 20 or more. When it fails to boot, it doesn't even get to the post codes. All fans and lights come on, though they sometimes blink. I can tell when it is going to boot, because the post codes light up immediately and it boots fine from that point. It also seems to boot successfully right after I've turned off the power for a few minutes, though I'm not sure if that is entirely consistent.


      I've built many systems, but I have never seen this behavior before. It did seem to work OK when I first built it and updated the BIOS, but that might just be a coincidence because it will usually reboot once it is running.


      It's running an i5 with 16GB of DRAM and a low-end video card, but I've cut the RAM down to only 4GB and pulled the video card with no change. The OS is Win 7 64-bit, but it fails long before that's relevant.


      Any suggestions appreciated.