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    X4500MHD opengl and vertical sync problem

    simone aversa


      I'm experiencing a problem with an opengl software and vertical sync on a X4500MHD graphic card:

      I'm a developer of a digital signage software and I need to update the display according to the vertical refresh of the monitor to avoid

      tearing effects.


      Pseudo code of the rendering loop:


      while (true)







      It seems that the glFinish() doesn't wait for vertical retrace and returns immediately;

      in the opengl setup, I call wglSwapIntervalEXT(1) to enable vertical sync, but seems that the call is ignored.


      The hardware is a set top box with intel core2 duo processor, GM45 chipset running a windows 7 sp1 32-bit;

      the driver version is latest (


      On other graphic cards, mainly NVidia, the software works correctly.


      Is anyone experiencing the same problem?


      Is there any solution?