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    DH77EB no sound to headset (front or back)


      I recently got a new pc with a DH77EB motherboard.   The problem I'm having is when connecting a headset (to the front or rear ports) I don't get any audio transferred via it.   I've reloaded several versions of Realtek audio drivers, updated the BIOS to the latest version (audio is enabled in the BIOS), played around with all the sound settings (so yes all the basics were covered), but still nothing.


      When I connect or disconnect the headset plugs I get the notification area message saying a device was added/removed, so from that I take it the ports are working.   In the Realtek audio manager I've played around with all kinds of settings, but to no avail.  The interesting thing is that when I play something I can see the green lights displaying some sort of activity or output next to the speaker device under playback devices, so everything looks right, but no sound gets out.   The headset works on other devices and I also tried other headsets on the pc, but they also give no sound output.


      Anyone had this before or know what might be the issue?   I'm leaning towards a fault on the motherboard, but want to eliminate all other possibilities.


      Thank you very much