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    Processor focus


      Hey All,


      I put together a CAD system with a qx9650 processor. Running Windows XP64 os (to have access to 4GB of RAM) . I'm using it mainly for Autodesk Inventor.


      The issue I am having is the unresponsiveness of the system when only one core is being utilized.

      When Inventor (single core program) is busy working, most of the time the cursor is unresponsive (hourglass cursor). If I CTL-ALT-DEL to bring up the task manager the cursor becomes available and I can do what I need as Inventor continues to work in the background.


      Why should I have to CTL-ALT-DEL to regain processor focus. How do I get a multi-task environment to run as it should?






      INTEL qx9650

      ASUS Maximus MB

      4GB RAM

      RAID 5 SATA drives

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          Hello Kpanik,


          Which version of Autodesk Inventor* are you using?  It appears the 2009 version supports multi-core CPUs.


          According to the Autodesk knowledge base, it's possible to Activate/Inactivate multiple processors.  Have you attempted to change that setting?


          This question is fairly specific to the Inventor application, so you should also send your question off to Autodesk.  If they reply back, I would appreciate hearing their take on this issue.


          Casey H.
          Intel Customer Support
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