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    RAID 10 Array Causing Long Boot Time


      Hello all,

        I have a question that has plagued me for over a year.  I have a client with a computer with two arrays built on the Intel Z68 Express Chipset. More specifically it is on a Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3 motherboard. I have two Western Digital 1.0TB Blacks in a RAID 1 as the boot drive, and four Seagate 3.0TB Drives set up in a RAID 10.  Back when I initially built the computer I installed Windows 7 Professional 64bit to the RAID 1.  Then when Windows was all set up with all drivers and updates I set about creating the RAID 10. As soon as I configured the RAID 10 the boot time increased to about 4 minutes.  It will sit on the Windows 7 splash screen with very little hard drive activity for minutes.  Just to test I broke the RAID 10 and set up two additional RAID 1 arrays instead.  The boot delay went away.  I rebuilt the RAID 10 and the delay returned.  I am currently using RST version, but this issue has occurred over several iterations of the driver software.  I have updated the motherboard BIOS to the latest versions through the year with no changes to the boot time.  Current BIOS is U1G.

        Is a long boot up normal behavior for a RAID 10?  If not, does anyone have any ideas for correcting this?  Thanks in advance.