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    Thinkpad X301 Processor Replacement??


      I have a thinkpad x301 with a SU9400 dual core  2 processor  and I want to change SU9400  to SL9600 . But it does't wok. 

      Some guys have successfully changed  su9400 to SP9600 .

      Can anyone help me ? Thanks.



      CPU:SU9300 SU9400 SU9600 (FSB:800)


      Memory:DDR3 800/ DDR3 1066



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          Hello LyndonLiu,


          what you may want to do is consult with your system builder if they have a BIOS version with explicit support for your processor for you to guarantee the processor must work with your system.


          If this is not the case, you may need to first see if the processor is properly working. For this matter, please proceed testing your processor on a known supported motherboard.