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    HDMI doesn't work with a particular monitor

    Stephan Ahonen

      Lenovo V570 laptop with an Intel i5-2430M with HD Graphics 3000. Monitor is a Dell ST2421T.


      Hooking up a TV to the laptop's HDMI output works.

      Hooking an XBox to the monitor works.

      Hooking the laptop to the monitor does not work. Computer does not detect it, monitor knows it's hooked up but says the laptop is not sending video.

      Running the monitor over VGA works, but I find this solution unacceptable.


      I have tried the latest drivers from both the Intel website and the Lenovo web site.


      My gut feeling is that this is an HDCP issue, since it is the one "feature" of HDMI which is explicitly designed to make it fail if something goes wrong with it.

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          Could you please specify the number of the driver versions you have tested with and the operating system installed?


          Also confirm if you have tested using another video cable? If not, you may want to try swapping the cable for a certified high quality cable to troubleshoot this issue.


          As the laptop works with other TVs, the issue may be an isolated compatibility issue with the monitor and the system you are using, or a problem while using that HDMI cable.

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            Stephan Ahonen

            I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. Completely up to date in Windows Update.


            As far as drivers, I've tried the very latest driver (.2875), the "one version back" driver (.2867), and the driver Lenovo is currently supplying on their web site (.2342).


            I have tried three different cables, including a two-foot Monster cable. All three cables worked for hooking the laptop  to the TV and for the Xbox to the monitor.


            I agree that this is probably a case of an incompatibility between the two products. I really hope that somebody can get to the bottom of this, I really don't want to live in a world where I have to worry about whether my computer is compatible with a frickin' *display*.