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    DH77DF BIOS Video Optimization prevents booting w/ RAID


      I have a DH77DF mini-ITX board running Windows 7 x64, latest BIOS 105, UEFI boot.  No problems using Video Optimization when using default Microsoft/Intel AHCI driver for my Intel SSD.  Previously Video Optimization didn't work but that was fixed:  http://communities.intel.com/message/169656.


      I switched from AHCI to RAID using the latest Intel driver.  Now I have the old problem, the computer won't boot when Video Optimization is checked in the BIOS.  Everything works fine once it is unchecked.  This is only a problem in RAID not AHCI, and I only have one drive (RAID ready).  I'm using all the latest updates from Intel and Microsoft.


      Probably related, my DZ68DB board using SRT also can't use Video Optimization in the BIOS but is otherwise fine:  http://communities.intel.com/message/172239.