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    Problems with Intel Centrino Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150 device

    Edward Boning



      I have an Asus U56E laptop running Windows 7 that I purchased last year. It is equipped with an Intel Centrino Wireless-N + WiMax 6150 wireless device. Recently I've begun to lose connection to my wireless router at random intervals while other computers on the network remain connected. The connection will report that it has limited connectivity. After disconnecting from the access point, the wireless device will not show any available connections. When I try to disable and re-enable the device in the network adapter settings or the device manager, the process hangs up indefinitely. On occasional boots, the device will show up in the device manager with a status of "This device cannot start (Code 10)". Also of note, the device seems to appear twice in the device manager, once as a generic "Network Controller" and once as "Intel Centrino Wireless N + WiMAX 6150". When I run driver installations, it is the former device which the drivers install as the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 6150.


      So far I have tried reinstalling the device drivers using the latest drivers from the Intel site, as well as the drivers hosted by Asus on the page for my laptop. I've done this multiple times with no discernible results. I have also adjusted the Power Management setting to disallow windows from disabling the device to save power. I have also tried disabling 802.11n mode in the driver settings.


      Any suggestions or solutions that worked on similar problems? I'm beginning to think the device may be broken and in need of replacement.

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          I have been experiencing the identical problem and tried the same solutions. It's become terribly frustrating to have to restart my computer as many as 5 times some days. If you find a solution, I hope you'll post it here.

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            Same exact problem on my U56E, and not a single solution has worked for me; starting to think this is a hardware issue.

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              I also have the same problem on my u56e-BBL6 with the Intel Centrino Wimax/Wirless-N 6150 device. I've tried all that you have mentioned in the past month and still the wireless craps out very quickly, either as if the driver is not installed or the hardware/device itself is malfunctioning. This problem has slowly crept on me in the past 6 months. I remember having to re-install the driver about 6 months ago and then all seemed fine but it progressively got worse until this past December the driver would only stick for about an hour at most not online gaming, just for checking email, web browsing. Online gaming and the wireless would go within 5 minutes. I've re-imaged my computer multiple times and the problem has persisted to the point I cant even web browse through a wireless connection. I am using my Ethernet cable. After mentioning all this info to a Micro Center tech guy, he thought it would most definitely be a hardware issue relating to the stack. Hopefully Asus or Intel will replace this piece of hardware for me. A wireless adapter should most certainly last you more than 6 months to a year.

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                I finally replaced my card with a Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 series card and corresponding drivers. No problems almost 2 weeks in and couldn't be happier that I'm no longer dealing with the unresponsive card!

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                  Hexedene, How is the Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 working? Are you using this wireless adapter card with the ASUS U56E-BBL6? Thank you for your help!!

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                    I am (and have been) having the same problem since Dec.29.  The hours spent trying to figure it out have been enormous, as I thought it was a problem with internet, then wireless router, etc., etc.  I was told by one tech. that when the wireless adapters quit working, they die a slow death.  I am right now in the process of ordering a new one.  If I go to the work of opening up the laptop (I have the SAME EXACT ONE you have - ASUS U56E) and it is loose or disconnected, great, but if not I want to have the right one to replace!  Anyway - IF you haven't already figured this out - here is how you can get it to work TEMPORARILY until you replace it - REFER TO #7. ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- 

                    7. If wireless network adapter disappears from the device manager, please access BIOS by pressing < F2 > during boot up, press < F9 > to load the setup default, then press < F10 > save and restart.

                    This works for me, albiet sometimes I have to reboot a few times.  There have also been new software/driver updates as of March 2013.

                    Hope this helps --

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                      Oh!  I forgot to mention (so did ASUS - ) but this is important!  After accessing BIOS and loading the default setup F9/F10, go back to the device manager and select Network Adapters, then select 'Action' - 'Scan for Hardware Changes'.  If the reboot worked, the adapter will show up.  If not, do it again.

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                        Thank you very much for posting.


                        It is not normal that the Intel® wireless adapter driver disappears completely, if that happens is most likely a hardware issue that you may want to solve with the computer manufacturer.


                        Edward, regarding your case, you may want to fully uninstall the driver from Programs and Features and Device Manager, restart, install the Intel® wireless driver and restart again. If this suggestion does not solve the issue then you may also try contacting the computer manufacturer as operating system corruption may be the cause.


                        Intel® PROSet/ Wireless Software Downloads


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                          I'm also pulling my hair out! I have a Lenovo V570 with the wimax 5160 wireless card. I have been having the exact same problem with the card until the point its no longer working. I'm going to order the intel 7260 to replace it. I'll let you know if this runs with no issues.


                          Stay tuned.......

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                            I don't think this is actually a hardware issue. I have the same laptop - U56E - and the same problem however, I dual boot with Ubuntu and it has been working fine. When installing Ubuntu, it's funky. Even the ethernet won't work. But I'm typing this now from my laptop in Ubuntu.

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                              I had same problem With my asus u46e. centrino Wireless-n + wimax 6150.


                              I made it work by changing the channel on my netgear router. I had AUTO and I chose channel 6. (I saw recommendations of 1, 6 and 11 and tried 6 first..)



                              I have disabled wimax in Device manager. not sure if it is needed, but I don't use it so it's disabled.


                              What makes it suddenly not connecting to auto channel beats me, but it's definitely something wrong and intel should make a fix for this!

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                                I was having the same problem with my u56e asus computer. I tried for hours to reinstall the wireless card driver and any updates that I could find. The computer would randomly connect and then it would not recognize the wireless card was there at all. Eventually, the computer would not connect to the internet at all. Of course, I ran many virus and adaware scans as well. Finally, I ordered a new wireless card after reading that this resolved the problem for someone else. However, when the card arrived and I took the computer apart to install the new card, I realized I needed to order the half-mini card instead of the full mini card. While I had the computer open and everything apart, I cleaned the fan, and the dust out of the computer. I took the wireless card out and re-snapped it back in as well. Once I put the computer back together, I was shocked that the wireless card was working. I remained on the computer and surfed the internet for several hours to test the wireless, it continued working and is still working today. I can go to the furthest point in my house away from the router and it has a strong signal. This has been my son's computer for 3 years. He gave it to me several months ago because he said the wireless would not stay connected. I believe the problem was that either the card had gotten loose and I tightened the connection when I reconnected it or the fan was sticking and causing the card to overheat and not work. Either way, I am just glad that this computer is now working fine. My suggestion is to take your computer apart, their are videos on youtube about how to do this properly, clean out your fan and other dust in your computer with q-tips and maybe a little alcohol, un-connect and reconnect your wireless card and see if this helps. By the way, I know that in the past we have had hard-drives burn up or work improperly when the fans became dirty. I usually take our computers apart about once or twice a year to clean the fans. I have even replaced faulty fans from time to time.

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                                  I don't know where you live, but in my country (Norway) we have a 5 year warranty.


                                  So taking a computer apart would void warranty if it's inside the 5 year warranty period.


                                  I recommend if you still are in the warranty period, to reinstall Windows and if it's still not working you should take it back to your salesrep and make a warranty complaint.


                                  But firstly, I recommend changing the channel on your router to one of the recommended (according to Intel) 1, 6 or 11 channels.

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                                    We had a 1 year warranty here in the United States. We reinstalled windows twice and changed channels on the router also. This did not help. The computer would not stay connected to the internet anywhere that we took it. If I had a 5 year warranty I would have sent the computer back to the company as I have done with computers under warranty before.

                                    Thank you for clarifying this advice for people who may still be under warranty. I recently had to send a laptop back to Lenovo that was having several issues and was still under warranty. They were nice enough after a couple of tries repairing the computer to replace it entirely with no cost to myself. I think I need to move to Norway where the warranties are longer!!!

                                    Take care,


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