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    i3-2350M Normal Temperatures


      Hello. I am using a Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop with a i3-2350M processor. The laptop was having an overheating problem so I cleaned it out, reapplied thermal paste, and purchased a cooling pad.


      I am wondering what the normal operating temperatures are. Currently with 6 tabs open, aswell as Steam running the current temperatures (according to SpeedFan) are:


      HD0: 32C

      Temp1: 47C

      Core0: 44C

      Core1: 45C


      When the computer was under a 25% load the temperature got to ~55-60C.


      I've tried looking on google for the temperatures but the numbers are all over the place and none of them are for this particular processor.


      Also, I wanted to know if Antec Nano Diamond F7 was a good paste to use. I usually use Arctic Silver 5 but I decided to try Antec because that was all they had in stock when I went (that and it seemed like a good paste).


      The overheating problem seems to be fixed but I wanted to make sure that it's running as well as it can.


      Thank you.

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          Alright it seems the max operating temperature is 85C. I'd still like to know if the current temperatures seem normal for the load or if it may be getting a little hotter than it should.


          Also, looking for any information on whether the Antec paste is good or if I should just go back to my tried and true Arctic Silver 5.