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    Intel dx48bt2 compatible ram


      Hi, anyone know compatible ram with this board? Find the ram in official compatibility list is not easy. I have 2 module (twin3x2048-1333c9) but the board work good (but at 1066) with only one module at time, if i put both (single or dual channel) no boot and freeze the bios (last version). I have a qx6700.

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          Hi there,


          Actually i was just checking on the Website:




          System Memory Features
          The board has four DIMM sockets and support the following memory features:

          • Dual or single channel memory configurations
          • Four 240-pin Double Data Rate 3 (DDR3) SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) connectors with gold-plated contacts.
          • 1600/1333/1066/800 MHz DDR3 SDRAM interface
          • 1.5 V with option to raise voltage to support higher performance DDR3 SDRAM
          • Unbuffered, non-registered single or double-sided DIMMs
          • Non-ECC DDR3 memory
          • Serial Presence Detect (SPD) memory only
          • Up to 4.0 GB utilizing 512 Mb or 1 Gb technology
          • Up to 8.0 GB utilizing 1 Gb technology


          And there is a list for tested memory as well on the link above.


          As long as you have a CPU that has a FSB 1333Mhz, it should be fine, else it will work with the highest common speed between the memory and CPU.


          Hope this helps a bit.


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            It would be best to get ram that works at 1066 mhz DDR3 @ 1.5V.  Memory speed should match your FSB of 1066mhz, if you need 4GB, Kingston memory is very good.


            Part number is KVR1066D3N7K2/4G