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    Where is the Intel Pentium with HD Graphics generic drivers

    Marco Scataglini

      I have a Toshiba L655-S5096 it has an Intel Pentium P6100 with Intel HD Graphics and MS Windows 7 Home Premium; I have installed the graphics driver provided by Toshiba Support site, but with it the Pixel Shader is not working correctly a many applications don't work correctly and some don't even start: The driver provided is over 2 years old.


      To resolve this problem, I was trying to find and install the latest driver directly from Intel Support site even a generic one, but I could no find it. It seems to be supported, but when I go to the Intel Driver Download page, after selecting all the right option parameters, instead of showing the download link for the driver, no matter in which different way I try to get to it, it always shows a link that redirect to the Automatic Detection and Update applet.


      The Automatic Detection and Update applet just tells me to either get and use the driver provided from the manufacturer or install the Intel generic driver (warning that it could not be optimal), but there is no way to get to that Intel generic driver, from anywhere I tried, or shown.


      So, since the Intel Pentium with HD Graphics in my laptop is still supported by Intel and the driver from Toshiba is old and defective, where or how do I get the latest Intel Generic driver for it??


      I am very thankful for any help and suggestion.