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    RAID1 Array Re-build; one drive good; one new, both = size.

    jay simkin

      I'm a new user.


      This machine is a Dell XPS 8100 (8GB Ram). The original RAID0 Array failed (after two years).


      I set up a RAID1 array using two factory-fresh WD 1 TB drives. One of these drives failed, after less than six months. WD's customer support is worthless: babbling morons, who shipped mis-matched drives (500GB and 1 TB [re-certified = junk]).


      I have two, 1 TB Seagate drives, factory-fresh. I want to install one, rebuild the RAID1 Array, and then replace the WD drive with a factory-fresh Seagate 1 TB drive, and again re-build the arry. The "working" WD drive will be cleaned and dumped: it is junk.


      The computer boots and runs. Having installed a 1 TB Seagate drive (just as it came from the box), I expected - silly me - that the rebuild would be smooth.


      The system sees the drive. But when I try to rebuild the array, I get a message: "Not enough space to create the volume". This is one of those messages that is accurate but totally useless, as it does not offer any insight into what to do.


      I have two drives of precisely the same capacity. The Seagate drive is in exactly the same condition, as it was, when I took it from the shipping carton.


      What does the error message mean and how do I get the Array rebuilt?


      Thanks for your kind help. I appreciate it.