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    dx79sr  i7-3930K  Bios - wont let me into Fan Control Page


      I'm trying to look at the Bios fan controls - but whenever I try to get into that part of the BIOS the bios utility just freezes, I cannot move to any other options and have to reboot to get out of it.


      Any ideas?


      also - this is a brand new pc,brought home from the shop 2 days ago.  This morning, the pc wouldn't boot (shut down fine last night) - Red motherboard power button and green reset buttons were lit up, but nothing else, pc wouldn't power up,spin fans, beep - nothing. 1st led to the left of the mobo power button was on - but I don't know what that refers to. 


      I pulled the CMOS battery, and it booted up fine again.  Battery is now back in place, and it boots ok.  Could this be related?