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    DP67BA no longer POSTs after system freeze.


      After a system freeze (USB lost power, computer stopped responding) which happwns every couple of weeks ever since I got my new computer, my PC no longer boots.


      I have an intel DP67BA board with B3 stepping and a 2500K. I have tried everything I can think of to try to localize what is broken, but do not know whether it is the board or CPU.


      Right now I only have the PSU, motherboard, ram, CPU, and GPU put together without a case on my desk. When powering up the system the screen remains black; fans power on.

      I have tried taking out the bios battery > 1h, with no change. Removing the ram leads to three long beeps, screen still remains black. If I remove the graphics card I do not get any beeps, I think I should. Swapping the graphics card to a known good one also does not help.

      I also tried using a 8MB PCI graphics card from a pentium 1 I found in the cellar, but nothing changes. (I do not know if the card still works)

      The monitor / DVI cable works correctly when hooked up to a different PC.


      Is there any way to determine whether I need to RMA the CPU or the board, or is there anything else I can do?