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    My vista is afraid of over speed

      I having a really annoying problem and i am really f***ed up trying to solve this. So plz guys, help me out with this.


      First my PC config.


      Core 2 duo e6600
      DG965RY intel original
      2*2gb kingston ddr2 800 mhz (Just bought it and this is the start of all my troubles)
      Seagate 500 gb HDD -- Installed windows 7 32 bit edition
      Western Digital 160 gb -- Installed vista 64 bit ultimate edition, regularly updated


      I have been using 3*1 gb kingston ddr2 667 mhz RAM on the above config without any problem. Last month i decided to upgrade to 4 gb and to 800 mhz, so i sold 2 of my RAM chips. But due to some tight budget i couldnt buy the new RAMs' and have to spend a whole month with my handicapped windows. Yesterday i bought the twins and i was very happy, you all must know how great it feels when you get something you have been waited for long and have sacrified something for it. I just install the RAM's and booted normally with vista. But i couldnt go beyond vista's loading screen. No errors, no hangups, just the progress bar, thats all. I restarted and check in BIOS, check the memory is in the slot perfectly, checked everything, but all in vein. I have heard about the problem with 3gb+ RAM with the windows server and vista, but i think that was with the installation procedure. It should work here properly. Moreover, this problem is solved with SP1. Then what the hell is wrong ???
        Now i booted into windows 7, a little delay but everything is working fine. It is showing full 4gb RAM, even with the 32 bit edition. Finding that there is something wrong with vista itself, i tried booting in it with only a single 2 gb module, and it booted. I tried the with the other module and it is booting again. Now its clear that it has got problem with both of them simultaneously. so i thought of formatting it.
      I start my vista installation, formatted the drive and it started copying files, expanding files, installing updates and features, completing installation...... But didnt go beyond it. It got stuck again on completing installation. Tried again, but the problem persists. Then i tried the third time with one module and finaaly got the things working.
      Now when i see that the vista is refusing the extra RAM, so i thought of shifting to windows 7 . To use it to full, i decided to install windows 7 64 bit. Installation started, but what the hell, it got stuck again. Same problem -- No errors, no hangups, just a progress bar. I already have formatted windows drive, so i have to install it using 1 RAM. Now, i am sitting here with only 2gb, wasted almost 1 whole day, but the things are still not ok.
      I also downloaded the patch from microsoft for this problem but on installing, it says -- This update doesnt apply to this system.
      Anyone know what to do now?? I am really getting s*****d now.

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          My first conclusion would be that your new ram is faulty. You need to run Memtest, Memtest86 or Memtest86+ on it and test it for errors. I'd test each module individually and if that indicates both are fine then test with both. Is this ram you bought listed as compatible with your motherboard? I don't mean right type, I mean the specific memory modules compatible. Re-seat everything again. Check again that the bios settings for the ram are correct.