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    DP55WB with 32GB ram?


      Dear support team, dear community,

      I am working at a scientific institute as an IT supporter for a group of 20 people. Some of my colleagues are working with very large files and would benefit from 32GB of RAM. Recently I have made the (bad) decision to buy 15 new 2x8GB RAM modules (Kingston KVR13N9K2/16) for our ten 2-year old computers containing the Intel DP55WB board. Operating 2x8GB is no problem, even 2x8 and 2x2 was working (but a bit shaky).

      As I have learned now, "only" 16 GB of RAM are officially supported for the DP55WB (according to the documentation). Can anybody tell me if I will ever be able to get a 4x8GB configuration to work? Are there plans to make the DP55WB "officially" accept 32GB? Of course I am using the latest BIOS version.

      By the way, when I try to turn on the computer with 32GB installed, the bios still recognizes 32GB, but the system speed slows down dramatically (10 minutes boot time for a fresh Debian system compared to 30 seconds). To my surprise, the 32GB even appeared correctly in the Debian memory configuration files. I have already tried some tricks that were posted in different forums (setting the RAM frequency from 1333 MHz to 1064 MHz; increasing RAM voltage) which always made the computer unbootable (I had to reset the bios with the USB stick method).


      Thank you very much for your help!