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    TRIM Support for Windows 8 Pro?


      I cannot get the optimizer to function. That is TRIM right? I have Windows 8 Pro installed, two Intel 520 SSDs in Raid 0, Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Driver Software V11.5.0.1207, but where do I get the Option ROM? Is it just included with the Asus 1501 Bios? I have an Asus Maximus V Extreme.

      The buttons are just grayed out in the toolbox, what am I doing wrong?




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          The Optimizer of Intels SSD Toolbox obviously doesn't work within a RAID array, but nevertheless your Intel Z77 chipset RAID0 array will be automaticly cleaned by the TRIM or UNMAP commands, which are sent out by Windows 8.

          By the way: You can test yourself by using a hex editor, if TRIM is really working within your RAID0 array. Here is a guide how to do it: www.station-drivers.com • Afficher le sujet - Tuto: Easy TRIM test method.

          MeanBruce schrieb:


          where do I get the Option ROM? Is it just included with the Asus 1501 Bios?

          Yes, the Intel RAID ROM module is part of the mainboard BIOS. You can see the Option ROM version either by hitting CTRL+I while booting or by running the Intel RST Console software.

          The current Intel RAID ROM version of the ASUS MAXIMUS V BIOS 1501 is v11.0.0.1339.

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            Actually Fernando, the SSD Toolbox Optimizer does work with Intel SSD's in RAID 0, with the usual requirements needed for RAID 0 TRIM.


            I have a Z77 chipset board, with a version 11 Option ROM (standard with factory UEFI/BIOS) and use a version 11 IRST driver. I have two 520 SSDs in RAID 0 as the OS volume, use the latest version of the Toolbox, 3.1.2, and perhaps significant, Windows 7.


            The Optimizer is run on the RAID 0 volume itself, not on the individual drives. The optimization process finishes very quickly according to the Toolbox UI, but I've noticed that it must still be running for a few minutes afterwards, since it is not possible to access the volume by double-clicking on it, for example, for several minutes. That does not seem to disturb Windows at all, and all is normal quickly. IMO, this is related to the SandForce controller and its firmware. For example, SandForce based SSDs always take longer to format in Windows than SSDs with other controllers, ~one minute compared to seconds with the others.


            Does the Optimizer or TRIM for a RAID 0 volume of SSDs make a difference? IMO, yes it does, I've used the same SSDs, and others, in RAID 0 on platforms without TRIM, and I believe my PCs have never been faster than they are now.


            BTW Fernando, I am familiar with your work with Intel Option ROMs, and RAID 0 TRIM, from the Anandtech forum and elsewhere. I just wanted to say, very nice work with all that, I am impressed. I imagine that you would be interested to know that the Optimizer can work with SSDs in RAID 0 (Intel SSDs only of course), so this is really just an FYI.

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              parsec schrieb:


              Actually Fernando, the SSD Toolbox Optimizer does work with Intel SSD's in RAID 0, with the usual requirements needed for RAID 0 TRIM.

              Thanks for this information, but obviously the Intel SSD Toolbox Optimizer doesn't work for everyone, who has created an Intel SSD RAID0 and uses an Intel RST driver/ROM v11 combination.

              Do you have any idea why the thread opener MeanBruce is not able to use the Optimizer of the Intel SSD Toolbox?

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                I am not certain why the Optimizer does not work for MeanBruce, but a few ideas.


                Starting with, Windows 8. The only versions of IRST that Intel lists for downloading for Windows 8 for Intel's own Z77 boards, are IRST 11.6, and 11.7. Note that he is using, the version that Intel removed from use as a RAID driver (might be still listed for AHCI use), and has the memory leak issue. I've used IRST 11.6 and 11.7, and the Optimizer works fine, but I am using Windows 7. He should definitely try 11.6 or 11.7. I would not use regardless.


                According to the Toolbox Release Notes, Toolbox version 3.1.0 is the earliest version that supports running the Optimizer on RAID 0 volumes, and supports Windows 8.

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                  odie bugs

                  Are you talking about the built-in optimizer, or are you talking about toolbox.


                  When you click properties of your OS drive, same as where defrag was, if you are talking about this, and the optimize button is grayed out, this is because the rom version/ or driver can't see the raid. The driver must also be win 8 supported.


                  I have seen this, where a different version will allow you to hit the optimize button and you will see that the drive is being trimmed. Now is it really.  In windows 8, I have trimmed the raid array several times on several different roms and the optimize shows it's trimming, but the drive is not getting them.


                  As for the Intel SSD toolbox, the newest version must have like parsec said, a driver newer then 11.5, as you can see the driver notes only show win 8 after this. You must have intel SSD, as the tooolbox will not work on any but intel SSD's.