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    How to enable secure boot on DH77KC?




      my configration steps so far:


      - DH77KC Mainboard Firmware 105

      - installed win8 x64 in uefi mode without secure boot enabled some time ago with Firmware 095

      - now enabled "Secure Boot Mode" and once "Force Secure Boot Defaults" to load the Default M$ keys

      - current setting:

        Secure Boot: On

        Secure Boot Mode: Custom

        Platform Key (PKpub): Not Installed

        Force Secure Boot Defaults: Off

        Clear Secure Boot Data: Off

      - msinfo32 shows Secure Boot off


      How can I "load" the Platform Key and switch the system from Secure Boot Mode Custom to Standard? Do I have to install win anew? According to some infos by Google searching, Secure Boot can be turned on and off at any time. Is it a bug that the firmware does not switch to Standard mode after Force Secure Boot Defaults?


      Thanks for your help and interest!