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    DX79SI Locking up Win7 64


      System specs: Running Stock(not OC)

      i7 3960x


      Intel 520 Series SDD 240gb

      EVGA gtx 580

      Corsair 16gig(8x2) ddr3 1600 1.5v

      LG HD-DVD/BluRay

      1100 Watt Tagan BZ Series PSU

      Win7 Ult 64bit


      Have updated all drivers/bios. I was getting Driver PCI returned invalid ID for a child device (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF00) in event logs when windows would Hang. Basically anything video intense causes Window to lock I am forced to hard restart. I will start up a game from steam for the first time pretty much guarantee I will lock up within 20 seconds. Second time I load up the game I can play around 2-3min then lock up. Load it up again and I can play 10-15 min then Lock. I have USB 3.0 disabled in BIOS which fixed my child device problem but now the computer just locks up and I look in the event logs and no errors around the time of the lock up. I have minidumps enabled and I am not seeing any minidumps being made.  Just installed windows last night so pretty clean system. Running the last nvidia drivers. any suggestion would help! I am totally stumped on where to go. maybe because my consumer IR is disabled in BIOS? and has no drivers? Should I RMA the board? Also checked all my Temps everything looks good. Ran memtest86+ for 4 hrs no errors at all.

      Please Help!!!